About Us
Established a decade ago, ECS Group is founded and managed by professional structured on the principle of respecting the laws of God and the truthfulness in dealing with one another both customers and employees. Uncompromising continuous quality improvements on all offered products and services.

The company is committed to the continues search for excellence, offering efficient and effective solutions in all related fields of its activities.

Our Motto emphasizes on simple business philosophy
To achieve our goal’s we have adopted the most modern techniques and professional tools to communicate and deliver our services faster allowing us to better serve our customer with increased efficiency in transaction.

ECS, a major player in logistics field have been accumulating rich experience for quite long years in state of the art group age services, freight forwarding, buyer’s consolidation, custom clearance, warehousing and related global logistics services in parallel with other services to support customer’s supply chain management in countries abroad.

ECS group has strong presence in India, Middle east, South east asia, Australia, U.K., South / East Africa and provides wide range of services in the Logistics industry and related services in any part of South / East Africa and all neighboring land locked destinations thru Mombasa (Kenya) and Dar-E-Salaam (Tanzania).

We also have an extensive network of partner’s worldwide, providing quality services at competitive prices in order to capture ambitious market share.
ECS Group
ECS Group
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